New by Beico Consulting

 Eco Nano Green Project 

A new line of detergents that are natural.

The line natural detergents EcoNano Green Project is a sustainable and readily biodegradable.

The compositions of the different formulations of vegetable origin and natural are derived from the same ingredients that, properly worked, give different products that can be used depending on the application. The technology of processing natural extracts is assembling supra-molecular obtained for cavitation of the extracts themselves.

Products with effects cleaning remarkable polishing to the surfaces, softeners for fabrics, have the capacity to REDOX on many organic substances and greatly reduces the bacterial load, also are exempt from the VOC, and allergens or harmful substances.

Zero Kilometers: Production of CO2 – 97% , comparable to zero emissions as compared to a cleaning product “Traditional”. No plastic bottles.

Nanotech Surface