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Happy Easter to all ! Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:21:33 +0000 206231 Cleaning products that are harmful to health Tue, 27 Feb 2018 12:55:39 +0000 Inhale the particles released from the detergents for the cleaning can be highly harmful to our respiratory system, according to what emerged from a research carried out by the University of Bergen in Norway, soffermatasi on the consequences that might have on our #health, an excessive use of detergents, sprays, and all of those products deputies to the hygiene housewife.

Therefore, housewives should be careful: keep in contact daily with products for the correct cleaning of the house, in time could prove to be an unhealthy habit. Of course, the risk is greater for those who make the cleanliness of their work, or who is responsible for ensuring that daily hygiene of shops, businesses, condos, and whatnot. In fact, according to what was reported by researchers from norway, you could go to meet lung and severe respiratory failurefollowing a constant inhalation to determine the particles present in various household cleaners. Anyway, it is good to avoid creating easy alarmism, because the research involved nearly 6,000 men and women who have been in close contact with the cleaning products for twenty years with a certain constancy.

The products used, regardless of the use of gloves and masks, have caused unwanted effects on some of the volunteers who were subjected to the study. As we mentioned in the opening, the consequences on the respiratory system, according to the University of Bergen, may be compared to the damage caused by the consumption of 20 cigarettes per day, or to an exposure to passive smoking for about a year.
What to look for

In general, it is recommended to protect the body using masks and keeping the windows open, circulating clean air for a sufficient time for the dispersion of harmful particles. Having said that, if the search were to be considered totally reliable, you may still find a number of systems to prevent 100% valid to avoid damage to the lungs.

In fact, you haven't provided a precise list of the products not to be used, since almost all cleaning agents for the hygiene home contain substances that, if inhaled continuously, can be highly harmful for our health.



From Switzerland: “the Euro is condemned to disappear” Fri, 08 Dec 2017 13:20:03 +0000 “The euro is destined to disappear”, according to Pierre Kunz. The president of the swiss of the national Institute of Geneva, and former member of the Liberal Radical party (PLR) made a call for a refoundation of the total project of europe for the abandonment of the single currency, which the conditions of survival have never been fully met.

The former deputy of the Great Swiss Federal Council, which maintains a blog on the website of the daily La Tribune de Geneve, said that Europe threatens to implode under the effects of the social, economic and political-that can't pass because his model, that's not going to change in spite of his faults, is no longer suited to the new world in which we find ourselves.

“This new world is that of the new technologies, the informazone instant and universal, but also that of the ‘end of globalization‘ as summarized by François Lenglet, the return of the peoples, of the interest and identity of the national, protectionism, regional competition administered between the large economic blocs of the world”, notes the politician in the newspaper Le Temps.

Europe: an orientation stubborn and irrational

The authorities need to reconsider the foundations on which it is based until now the european policy of the last half century, what has been defined as “social progress” and must rethink the economic model to which we are accustomed, namely, that of growth through consumption. You need to create a new project based on the manufacturer and not the consumer.

“It is the first stage, the most essential one. In the crosshairs of reformers should be the priority. This is not to prepare for the contraction, the source of income inequality and social problems much more serious than those that are pointed out to capitalism, but rather the ability of Europe to compete with emerging powers. To do so will need a new project of society“.

Regional free-trade and the end of the euro

You need a plan for a Europe of the federalist, with less centralisation of powers, explains the swiss politician, to give up its procedures, its policies and regulations, its technocrats no longer in touch with reality, living in Brussels, in the ignorance of what is happening to the peoples of the individual States, what are their hopes, their problems.

The Europe that is born from the ashes of the project of the euro, in the ideal of Kunz, “should redistribute to its member Countries a good part of powers, sovereignty, and taxation, putting an end to the free movement of people as it is in force today” and has contributed to – in spite of those who try even to deny the evidence – to lead to Brexit.

As for the euro, “is condemned to disappear because the conditions of its survival, i.e. the budgetary discipline of the member States of the Union, were never truly respected”. Will disappear so even the Ecb, unless they find a role less ambitious. The measures of monetary expansion in extraordinary of Mario Draghi “does not have permission to achieve the goals promised”, according to Kunz.

In his last book on the european single currency, Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize winner for Economics, says that the euro has never respected the expectations and that is very unlikely to bring in the promised benefits. Why so much pessimism? Simply because – to use the words of the illustrious economist “none of you imagine Germany to commit institutionally to flood, year after year, the budget deficit of the countries of the South of Europe”.

The only way to save the euro, according to him, would be more political in Europe, another condition highly unlikely. Stiglitz console those who still believe in the project of the euro and who will be disappointed by its end, recalling “it is not the end of the world, the coins in the bottom of the are born and die“.

Source: Wall Street Italia – Daniele Chicca

Italy, the first step towards the end of the cash Tue, 21 Nov 2017 16:52:01 +0000 In Sweden, less than 2% of the payment is done in cash. The scandinavian country, which is among the most virtuous in Europe in the credit card payment and atm, has essentially abolished the use of cash payouts, are in fact dozens of shops “free cash” area, i.e. those periods in which it is virtually impossible to the use of the banknote.

Shops, restaurants, tobacconists, bills and transport tickets, public transport, bus including: the swedes have now in an electronic manner. To do this, the only tools needed are an application on your phone or a credit card.

The central Bank of Stockholm states that:

“Completely eliminate paper money (objective, expected in 2025) will be a difficult task, especially if we consider the difficulty of the pensionatinel manage electronic payments and statements online, but in five years, citizens in sweden have halved the purchases made with local currency”.

The motivations that are at the basis of the disappearance of the cash, according to the government, are attributable to the high technological level reached by the Country and the trust that the swedes put in this type of payment (a feeling that is counter-current compared to other european Countries), in a season where the interest rates of the banks are for the benefit of customers because of close to zero.

The preference for this mode of payment is linked, in addition to the practicality and convenience of the service, to the fight against tax evasion and corruption: each entry and exit is recorded, keeping in memory both the amount of causal transaction.

In the same vein, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Usa and Japan are the other Countries that go towards the complete abolition of the cash.

In Italy has been taking the same road, with the farewell to the payment in cash of the salary.

The recently proposed law which has in fact got the go-ahead to Parliament, and then will pass by palazzo Madama, provides that wages shall only be made with the banks or post offices.

The law, which has as its first signatory the vice president of the Group Pd of the Room, Titti Di Salvo, defines as follows the mode of payment of salary:

“Employers or clients match the salary to the workers, as well as every advance of it, through a banking establishment or a post office with one of the following means: (a) directly crediting the current account of the worker; (b) payment in cash at the bank or post office; (c) issue a check from the banking institution or the post office delivered directly to the worker or, in the case of his proven impediment, to his delegate.”
Are then defined precise rules for employers, which will no longer match the compensation in the form of cheque or other payments or cash money, whatever type of working relationship. The sanctions in case of violation, ranging from 5 thousand to 50 thousand euro.

The new policy developed by the government will enter into force after 180 days from publication in the official journal.

Is it right to fight tax evasion and corruption, but there are still many doubts on the mode; indeed, it remains to understand whether it is ethically correct that the State obligations for law its citizens to have a current account at private institutions, without providing safeguards as the clearing bank for certain operations, and even more the guarantee of the money of account holders in case of bankruptcy of the bank.


Nasdaq fails: Apple falls 14% Tue, 04 Jul 2017 11:58:17 +0000 A technical problem on the Nasdaq in the session of Monday, July 3, has influenced the trend of technology stocks. The fault has meant that financial information websites such as Bloomberg, Reuters and Google Finance have published the wrong information on the value of the securities in the day. At a certain moment, the titles of giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple were all referred to the value of 123,47 dollars.

The figure was probably used for the daily tests, (shown because of an “improper use of the test,” he told the group of the Nasdaq in an official statement) but investors have taken for true. The change of timing due to the eve of the Independence Day in the Usa, he evidently pushed the suppliers to correct the information.

The value of 123,47 resulted in a collapse of the temporary 14% for Apple, a loss in market capitalization of 389 billion dollars to Amazon, a jump of more than 79% for Microsoft, which assessed the company to nearly a thousand billion (see graph below) against the 526,31 billions of real dollars. Securities such as those of the manufacturer of online games Zynga seemed to grow: Zynga of 3000%, ebay of 254%, Redmond 79%.

The prices on the official site of the Nasdaq appeared to be unaffected, but those shown on the heads like Bloomberg, Google Finance, Thomson Reuters showed the figure of 123,47 dollars. Google has confirmed that its section devoted to Finance was providing the wrong information and that he was at work to remedy the situation.

The failure has influenced the decline in technology stocks, recorded in the day. If Amazon and Apple have suffered heavy declines, definitely has been better, instead, to Microsoft (+79%), or Zynga, which scored a rise in the illusory of even the +3.292%! The Nasdaq did I know that the error has not had real effects on trade, even though some of the traders at the Stock exchange of Hong Kong said they were seeing some of the transactions concluded at that price. It seems that later have been cancelled. In the end the Nasdaq closed the session, moved down by 0,49% to 6,110 points.


BofA: Europe after the fall of the single currency Tue, 04 Apr 2017 11:29:55 +0000 Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content. ]]> Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content. ]]> 356 Le Pen: “the Euro, a knife planted in our ribs” Mon, 03 Apr 2017 10:08:53 +0000 Mariangela Tessa

“The euro is a knife planted in our ribs to make us go, not where we want to go”. The said Marine Le Pen, candidate to the French presidential election for the National Front, which in the course of a rally in Bordeaux, has launched an appeal to people who “vote right” “not to be deceived by Francois Fillon”. “Our Country is plagued by a deep crisis of identity and security,” he added.

Meanwhile, in recent days, Marine Le Pen, who polls of the past few days gave passed the first round by the candidate of “En Marche!”, Emmanuel Macron, back in the head to voting intentions. According to an article a few days ago, published on Le Figaro, Le Pen would be in the polls with a “true” (34%), “hypothesis confirmed by the surveys russians who give it around 35%”.
But, in fact even more “disturbing”, it would be head-to-head between The Pen and Macron in view of the run-off election on may 7. The polls that the official gave, in fact, until today, widely, in advantage of the candidate neocentrista the leader of the Front National. In practice, the daily puts forward the hypothesis that the establishment of the French and european are trying to limit the spread of the panic. “The average French and european” would be trying to resize the leader of the Front National“, fearing a negative effect on the euro, on the spread and on the Bags”.

A survey conducted by Ipsos, a few days ago, indicates that the president of the Front National is listed at 25%, followed by Macron to 24%. Detached, the applicant of the right of the Républicains, Francois Fillon, with 18%.

Behind the three of the head, confirmed the passing of the radical left Jean-Luc Mélenchon (14%), against the winner of the socialist primary, Benoit Hamon (12%). On the ballot, it remains rather clear anticipation of a victory of Macron, given to 62% of the vote against 38% of Le Pen.