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Our consulting services

The analysis of the company's resources, the objectives of the medium - /long-term and possible future scenarios represent the core of this activity.

The projects are innovative

Our projects born from the desire to explore themes and experiment with methodologies to address the critical issues of the industry, so innovative.

The courses

We offer courses quality accessible to all. We turn in particular to the affected population to issues concerning the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life.
Brexit, the storm has yet to arrive

Brexit, the storm has yet to arrive

November 1, 2016, Mariangela Tessa NEW YORK (WSI) – The collapse of sterling and the state of agitation of the markets subsequent to the referendum, british, last June 23, has decreed the Brexit, and’ only a glimpse of what is going to happen soon. They are in fact...

Cash in safe abroad? A crime

Cash in safe abroad? A crime

October 18, 2016, Daniele Chicca, ROME (WSI) – In the context of voluntary disclosure bis that is about to be launched, the sums and assets deposited in safe deposit boxes can be regularized in Italy, but the crimes will not be extinct. Also...

Hacked By GeNErAL

Hacked By GeNErAL

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